Special Ticket €2 Round Trip

Fertagus has a special ticket, with a €2 round trip ticket, which can be purchased at ticket offices and automatic machines, upon presentation of the Rock in Rio ticket. The special ticket is only valid for the
day it is purchased, until the end of the day of exploration (at 2:00 am).

To purchase the special ticket at the automatic machines, you must select the following options, in the order described:

1. buy ticket
2. others
3. Fertagus Event Ticket
4. Rock in Rio Campaign
5. Choose destination
6. Make payment

For those who buy a train ticket, parking in the Fertagus station parks is €1.60 and in the self-silo parks, parking is €2 (Pragal, Corrios, Foros de Amora, Fogueteiro and Coina stations).

More information available here soon!